“Muted Melodies Fill The Echoing Hall…” New STEVE HACKETT Album, 2017 UK Tour Details

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Guitar god Steve Hackett continues to wave his Prog flag high with a new album (it doesn’t seem five minutes since Wolflight.) The Night Siren, his 25th solo studio set, is released on 24.03.17. through InsideOut Music (Sony), supported by a 15 date “Genesis Revisited / Classic Hackett” UK tour in April / May, culminating in a show at The London Palladium that is just about sold out at the time of writing.

Wed 26th          Dublin, Vicar Street
Fri 28th             Cardiff, St. David’s Hall
Sun 30th           Reading, Hexagon

Mon 1st            Birmingham, Symphony Hall
Wed 3rd            Sheffield, City Hall
Thurs 4th          Bristol, Colston Hall
Fri 5th               Manchester, Bridgewater Hall
Sun 7th             Liverpool, Philharmonic
Mon 8th            Portsmouth, Guildhall
Wed 10th          Southend, Cliffs Pavilion
Thurs 11th        Nottingham, Royal Concert Hall
Sat 13th            Oxford, New Theatre
Sun 14th           Cambridge, Corn Exchange
Tues 16th          Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall
Wed 17th           Sage, Gateshead
Fri 19th             London, Palladium

Tickets available from and venue box offices.

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Steve’s final album with Genesis, Wind And Wuthering, these gigs will showcase several tracks from that one alongside other Genesis standards, some of them never previously performed by Steve in a solo context, as well as classic Hackett and new material from The Night Siren.

Night Siren.jpg

The Night Siren: Full Track Listing:

1.      Behind the Smoke
2.      Martian Sea
3.      Fifty Miles from the North Pole
4.      El Niño
5.      Other Side of the Wall
6.      Anything but Love
7.      Inca Terra
8.      In Another Life
9.      In the Skeleton Gallery
10.    West to East

The Night Siren will be available in the following formats:

Special Edition CD/Blu-Ray Mediabook featuring 5.1 surround sound mix & making of documentary: 88985410452
Standard Jewel case CD: 88985410462
Gatefold black 2 LP  vinyl + CD: 88985410471
Digital Download

Steve is claiming (and has he ever let us down before?) that this is his strongest album yet, a heartfelt statement against the polarising forces currently at work in the world. Appropriately then, as well as usual suspect collaborators such as Roger King, Nad Sylvan, Rob Townsend, Amanda Lehmann, Dick Driver and Gary O’Toole, featured world musicians include Israeli and Palestinian singers / peace activists Kobi and Mira, Azerbaijanian Malik Mansurov on the Tar and Troy Donockley on Celtic Uilleann, as well as other Middle Eastern, Asian and Latin American contributors.

Steve Hackett: “This latest waxing represents a bird’s eye view of the world of a musical migrant ignoring borders and celebrating our common ancestry with a unity of spirit, featuring musicians, singers and instruments from all over the world. From territorial frontiers to walled-up gateways, boundaries often hold back the tide. But while the night siren wails, music breaches all defences. To quote Plato, ‘When the music changes, the walls of the city shake’.”

Yes indeedy.


Plato (left) and Aristotle debating the respective merits of Foxtrot and Spectral Mornings, yesterday…

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Wayward Sons Carry On: This Just In From Our KANSAS Correspondent…


Can Americans really play Prog? The very idea Styx in the throat of some traditionalists. What about Kansas? Are they Prog… or Pomp Rock… or Symphonic Rock… or Melodic Rock… or Harmonic Rock? Well, you’ve had fifteen albums from them to help you make your mind up, most recently last year’s The Prelude Implicit (their first in 16 years!) Now the track Rhythm In The Spirit has been lifted from that and coupled with a live concert video in support of their long-awaited European return with appearances at select summer festivals. To wit…

9th June – Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg, Sweden
6th July – Peace & Love Festival, Borlange, Sweden
16th July – Night of the Prog Festival, Sankt Goarshausen, Germany
29th July – Burg Herzberg Festival, Herzberg, Germany
30th July – Ramblin Man Fair, Maidstone, UK

Watch Rhythm In The Spirit now at

“It’s been a long time since we’ve made a one song concert video and we had a great time doing it!” the band tell us: “Rhythm in the Spirit was our unanimous first choice and we are very happy with how it turned out.”

Here’s what some others have had to say about the current sound of Kansas:

“Listening to The Prelude Implicit, you hear echoes of everything that Kansas has been – the heartland prog-rock group, the rowdy bar band, the group with the chart hits, the hard-edged version from the late Eighties.” (Rolling Stone)
“A roller coaster distillation of all the hard rock, prog, pop and orchestral elements that made Kansas the most unlikely world-beaters of the 1970’s.” ( Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine)
“This album will remind you why these guys collect Gold and Platinum albums time and time again.” (Classic Rock Society)


The Prelude Implicit’ is available as CD, 180g gatefold double vinyl & digital download.

The album features 10 all new tracks written by the band and co-produced by Zak Rizvi, Phil Ehart, and Richard Williams.  The signature Kansas sound is evident throughout… Ronnie Platt’s soaring lead vocals, David Ragsdale’s blistering violin, Williams and Rizvi’s rocking guitar riffs, the unmistakable sound of David Manion’s B3 organ and keyboards, Ehart’s thundering drums, and Billy Greer’s driving bass and vocals.

The president of their new label, Thomas Waber,  says “Kansas is the biggest and most important Prog band to come out of the United States. I grew up listening to them, and their music is part of my DNA.  The Prelude Implicit undoubtedly adds to their already impressive musical legacy.  I can’t stop listening to it, and we are proud to be releasing the album.” “This is definitely a Kansas album” agress founder guitarist Richard Williams. “Whether it is the trademark Prog epic like The Voyage of Eight Eighteen, biting rocker such as Rhythm in the Spirit or mindful ballad like The Unsung Heroes, there is something on this album for every kind of Kansas fan.  After years of pent-up creativity, the entire band is very proud of The Prelude Implicit.”

Lead Vocalist Ronnie Platt adds” “Recording The Prelude Implicit was an incredible experience and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It is my hope that, knowing the intense listeners that Kansas fans are, the continuity yet diversity of this album will be pleasing to them.”

“Without a doubt, this is a new musical beginning” offers Ehart, explaining the album’s title. Tattoo artist Denise de la Cerda executed the oil painting of the front and back cover, depicting a Phoenix flying from the past into the future.


The Prelude Implicit Track Listing:
1.) With This Heart
2.) Visibility Zero
3.) The Unsung Heroes
4.) Rhythm in the Spirit
5.) Refugee
6.) The Voyage of Eight Eighteen
7.) Camouflage
8.) Summer
9.) Crowded Isolation
10.) Section 60

Kansas will be debuting songs off The Prelude Implicit this autumn, live in concert, as part of their Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour.  More information at


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Think I Need A Lear Jet… PINK FLOYD, THE EARLY YEARS 1965 – 1972 Previewed


To think that we bitched about King Crimson’s Starless – Live In Europe and The Road To Red box sets costing over a hundred quid (we bought them anyway)… the similarly sized  Pink Floyd, The Early Years 1965 – 1972 will leave you with little change out of £400, which is just… eye-watering!

Here at The Ozymandias Progject we’ll be waiting to pick and choose from the 2017 break-down editions, but to satisfy the curiosity of our readers, this is what you can expect from the full enchilada… read it and weep!

Disc 1
1965 Recordings
01. Lucy Leave
02. Double O Bo
03. Remember Me
04. Walk With Me Sydney
05. Butterfly
06. I’m A King Bee
07. Arnold Layne
08. See Emily Play
09. Apples and Oranges
10. Candy and a Currant Bun
11. Paintbox
12. Matilda Mother (2010 Mix)
13. Jugband Blues (2010 Mix)
14. In the Beechwoods (2010 Mix)
15. Vegetable Man (2010 Mix)
16. Scream Thy Last Scream (2010 Mix)

Disc 2
Live in Stockholm 1967
01. Introduction *
02. Reaction in G
03. Matilda Mother *
04. Pow R. Toc H. *
05. Scream Thy Last Scream *
06. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun *
07. See Emily Play *
08. Interstellar Overdrive *
John Latham studio recordings 1967
09. John Latham Version 1 *
10. John Latham Version 2 *
11. John Latham Version 3 *
12. John Latham Version 4 *
13. John Latham Version 5 *
14. John Latham Version 6 *
15. John Latham Version 7 *
16. John Latham Version 8 *
17. John Latham Version 9 *

* = Previously unreleased

Disc 3 – DVD/Blu-ray
01. Chapter 24 – Syd Barrett in the Gog Magog Hills, Cambridgeshire, UK 1966 / Pink Floyd at EMI Studios, London, April 1967
02. Nick’s Boogie: recording Interstellar Overdrive and Nick’s Boogie at Sound Techniques Studio, Chelsea, January 11, 1967 / Live at UFO, The Blarney Club, London, January 13, 1967 *
03. Interstellar Overdrive: ‘Scene – Underground’ UFO at The Blarney Club, London, January 27, 1967
04. Arnold Layne: promo video. Wittering Beach, UK, early 1967
05. Pow R. Toc H. / Astronomy Domine: plus Syd Barrett and Roger Waters interview: BBC ‘The Look Of The Week’ – BBC Studios, London, May 14, 1967
06. The Scarecrow: ‘Pathé Pictorial’, UK, July 1967
07. Jugband Blues: ‘London Line’ promo video, 1967, London
08. Apples And Oranges: plus Dick Clark interview: ‘American Bandstand’, Los Angeles, USA, November 7, 1967
09. Instrumental Improvisation: BBC ‘Tomorrow’s World’, London, December 12, 1967 *
10. Instrumental Improvisation: ‘Die Jungen Nachtwandler’, UFO, The Blarney Club, London, February 24, 1967 *
11. See Emily Play: BBC ‘Top Of The Pops’ – partially restored BBC Studios, London, July 6, 1967
12. The Scarecrow (outtakes): ‘Pathé Pictorial’, UK, July 1967
13. Interstellar Overdrive: ‘Science Fiction – Das Universum Des Ichs’, The Roundhouse, London, 1967

* = Previously unreleased

Disc 4
01. Point Me At the Sky
02. It Would Be So Nice
03. Julia Dream
04. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (single version)
05. Song 1 (Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, August 22 1968) *
06. Roger’s Boogie (Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, August 22 1968) *
BBC Radio Session, June 25 1968
07. Murderotic Woman (Careful With That Axe, Eugene) *
08. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (A Saucerful Of Secrets) *
09. Let There Be More Light *
10. Julia Dream *
BBC Radio Session, December 20 1968
11. Point Me At the Sky *
12. Embryo *
13. Interstellar Overdrive *

* = Previously Unreleased


Disc 5 – DVD/Blu-ray
‘Tienerklanken’, Brussels, Belgium, February 18-19 1968
01. Astronomy Domine
02. The Scarecrow
03. Corporal Clegg
04. Paintbox
05. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun
06. See Emily Play
07. Bike
08. Apples And Oranges: ‘Vibrato’, Brussels, Belgium, February 1968
‘Bouton Rouge’, Paris, France, February 20 1968
09. Astronomy Domine
10. Flaming
11. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun
12. Let There Be More Light
13. Paintbox: ‘Discorama’, Paris, France, February 21 1968
14. Instrumental Improvisation: ‘The Sound Of Change’, London, UK, March 1968 *
15. Set the Controls For the Heart Of The Sun: ‘All My Loving’, London, UK, March 28 1968
16. It Would Be So Nice (excerpt): ‘Release-Rome Goes Pop’, Rome, Italy, April 1968
17. Interstellar Overdrive: ‘Pop 68’, Rome, Italy, May 6 1968
‘Tienerklanken – Kastival’, Kasterlee, Belgiu, August 31 1968
18. Astronomy Domine
19. Roger Waters Interview
Samedi et Compagnie’, Paris, France, September 6 1968
20. Let There Be More Light
21. Remember A Day
22. Let There Be More Light: ‘A L’Affiche du Monde’, London, UK, 1968
‘Tous En Scene’, Paris, France, October 21 1968
23. Let There Be More Light
24. Flaming
25. Let There Be More Light: ‘Surprise Partie’, Paris, France, November 1 1968
26. Point Me At The Sky: Restored promo video, UK, 1968

* = Previously released

Disc 6
More non-album tracks
01. Hollywood (non-album track)
02. Theme (Beat version) (Alternative version) *
03. More Blues (Alternative version) *
04. Seabirds (non-album track) *
05. Embryo (from ‘Picnic’, Harvest Records sampler)
BBC Radio Session, May 12 1969
06. Grantchester Meadows *
07. Cymbaline *
08. The Narrow Way *
09. Green is the Colour *
10. Careful With That Axe, Eugene *
Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, August 9 1969
11. Interstellar Overdrive *
12. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun *
13. Careful With That Axe, Eugene *
14. A Saucerful of Secrets *

* = Previously unreleased

Disc 7
Part 1: ‘The Man’, Amsterdam, September 17 1969
01. Daybreak (Grantchester Meadows) *
02. Work *
03. Afternoon (Biding My Time) *
04. Doing It *
05. Sleeping *
06. Nightmare (Cymbaline) *
07. Labyrinth *
Part 2: ‘The Journey’, September 17 1969
08. The Beginning (Green is the Colour) *
09. Beset By Creatures of the Deep (Careful With That Axe, Eugene) *
10. The Narrow Way, Pt. 3 *
11. The Pink Jungle (Pow R. Toc H.) *
12. The Labyrinths of Auximines *
13. Footsteps / Doors *
14. Behold the Temple of Light *
15. The End of the Beginning (A Saucerful of Secrets) *

* = Previously unreleased

Disc 8 – DVD/Blu-ray
‘Forum Musiques’, Paris, France, January 22 1969
01. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun
David Gilmour Interview
02. A Saucerful of Secrets
03. The Man’ and ‘The Journey’: Royal Festival Hall, London, rehearsal, April 14, 1969
Afternoon (Biding My Time)
The Beginning (Green is the Colour)
Beset By Creatures of the Deep *
The End of the Beginning (A Saucerful of Secrets)
Essencer Pop & Blues Festival, Essen, Germany, October 11 1969
04. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
05. A Saucerful of Secrets
Music Power & European Music Revolution, Festival Actuel, Amougies Mont de l’Enclus, Belgium, 25 October 1969
06. Green is the Colour
07. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
08. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun
09. Interstellar Overdrive with Frank Zappa

* = Previously unreleased

Disc 9
01. Atom Heart Mother (Live in Montreux, Nov 21 1970) *
BBC Radio Session, July 16 1970
02. Embryo *
03. Fat Old Sun
04. Green is the Colour *
05. Careful With That Axe, Eugene *
05. If *
06. Atom Heart Mother with choir, cello, and brass ensemble *

* = Previously unreleased


Disc 10
Unreleased tracks from the Zabriskie Point soundtrack
01. On the Highway *
02. Auto Scene Version 2 *
03. Auto Scene Version 3 *
04. Aeroplane *
05. Explosion *
06. The Riot Scene *
07. Looking At Map *
08. Love Scene Version 7 *
09. Love Scene Version 1 *
10. Take Off *
11. Take Off Version 2 *
12. Love Scene Version 2 *
13. Love Scene (Take 1) *
14. Unknown Song (Take 1) *
15. Love Song (Take 2) *
16. Crumbing Land (Take 1) *
17. Atom Heart Mother (Early studio version, band only) *

* = Previously unreleased

Disc 11 – DVD
An Hour with Pink Floyd: KQED, San Francisco, April 30 1970
01. Atom Heart Mother
02. Cymabline
03. Grantchester Meadows
04. Green is the Colour
05. Careful With That Axe Eugene,
06. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Atom Heart Mother original 4.0 quad mix 1970 (audio only)
07. Atom Heart Mother
08. If
09. Summer ’68
10. Fat Old Sun
11. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast

Disc 12 – DVD
‘Pop Deux – Festival de St. Tropez’ France, August 8 1970
01. Cymabline (Sound check)
02. Atom Heart Mother
03. Embryo
04. Green is the Colour
05. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
06. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Roland Petit Ballet, Paris France, December 5 1970
07. Instrumental Improvisations 1, 2, 3 *
08. Embryo
Blackhill’s Garden Party, Hyde Park, London, July 18 1970
09. Atom Heart Mother with th Philip Jones Brass Ensemble and John Alldis Choir

* = Previously unreleased

Disc 13
01. Nothing Part 14 (Echoes work in progress) *
BBC Radio Session, September 30 1971
02. Fat Old Sun *
03. One Of These Days *
04. Embryo *
05. Echoes *

* = Previously unreleased


Disc 14 – DVD/Blu-ray
‘Aspekte’ feature
01. Interview + Atom Heart Mother (extracts)
Hamburg, Germany, February 25 1971
Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell
02. A Saucerful of Secrets (extract)
Offenbach, Germany, February 26 1971
‘Cinq Grands Sur La Deux’
Abbaye de Royaumont, Asnieres-sur-Oise, France, June 15 1971
03. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun
04. Cymbaline
05. Atom Heart Mother (extract)
‘Musikforum Ossiachersee’, Ossiach, Austria, July 1 1971
Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell
‘Get to Know’
Randwick Race Course, Sydney, Australia, August 15 1971
06. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Band Interview
’24 hours – Bootleg Records’, London, UK, 1971
07. Documentary including Pink Floyd and manager Steve O’Rourke
‘Review’, London, UK, 1971
08. Storm Thorgerson & Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell interviewed re: record cover design
09. One of These Days (‘French Windows’)
Ian Emes animation created July 1972, Birmingham, UK
10. Atom Heart Mother (extract, in colour)
‘Musikforum Ossiachersee’, Ossiach, Austria, July 1 1971
Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell
11. Atom Heart Mother: ’71 Hakone Aphrodite
Open Air Festival, Hakone, Japan, August 6-7 1971
12. Echoes (original 4.0 Quad mix 1971) (Audio-only)

Disc 15
Obscured By Clouds 2016 Remix
01. Obscured By Clouds *
02. When You’re In *
03. Burning Bridges *
04. The Gold It’s In The… *
05. Wot’s…. Uh the Deal *
06. Mudmen *
07. Childhood’s End *
08. Free Four *
09. Stay *
10. Absolutely Curtains *

* = Previously unreleased

Disc 16 – DVD/Blu-ray
Recording Obscured by Clouds, Château d’Hérouville,France, February 23-29 1972
01. Wot’s…Uh The Deal: with recording session photos
02. Pop Deux: Documentary recording Obscured By Clouds
+ David Gilmour and Roger Waters interview
Brighton Dome, UK, June 29 1972
03. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun
04. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Roland Petit Pink Floyd Ballet, France, news reports 1972-73
05. Actualités Méditerranée, Marseille, November 22 1972
06. JT Nuit – Les Pink Floyd, Marseille, November 26 1972
07. JT 20h – Pink Floyd, Paris, January 12 1973
08. Journal de Paris – Les Pink Floyd, Paris, January 12 1973
09. Poitiers – Autour Du Passage Des Pink Floyd
Concert set up news report – France, November 29 1972
Live At Pompeii (with 2016 5.1 Audio Remix)
10. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
11. A Saucerful of Secrets
12. One Of These Days
13. Set the Controls For the Heart of the SUn
14. Echoes

Disc 17
BBC Radio Session, September 25 1967
01. Flaming *
02. The Scarecrow *
03. The Gnome *
04. Matilda Mother *
05. Reaction in G
06. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun *
BBC Radio Session, December 20 1967
07. Scream Thy Last Scream *
08. Vegetable Man *
09. Pow R. Toc H. *
10. Jugband Blues *
BBC Radio Session, December 2 1968
11. Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major *
12. Blues *
13. US Radio ad
14. Music From The Committee No. 1
15. Music From The Committee No. 2
16. Moonhead *
live from 1969 BBC TV moon landings broadcast
17. Echoes *
live at Wembley, 1974

* = Previously unreleased

Disc 18 – DVD/Blu-ray
01. Arnold Layne (Alternative version)
Hampstead Heath and St. Michael’s Church,
Highgate, London, UK, March 1967
02. P1 – P wie Petersilie’
Stuggart, Germany, July 22 1969
Corporal Clegg
Band interview
A Saucerful of Secrets
03. Atom Heart Mother
Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music’,
Shepton Mallet, UK, June 27 1970
04. ‘Kralingen Music Festival’
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 28 1970
Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun
A Saucerful of Secrets
05. ‘The Amsterdam Rock Circus’
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 22 1972
Atom Heart Mother
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
A Saucerful of Secrets
The Committee – (Feature Film)
Score by Pink Floyd

Disc 19 – DVD/Blu-ray
‘More’ feature film
‘La Vallée’ (Obscured By Clouds) feature film

7-inch vinyl singles in reproduction sleeves:
— Arnold Layne C/W Candy And A Currant Bun
— See Emily Play C/W The Scarecrow
— Apples And Oranges C/W Paintbox
— It Would Be So Nice C/W Julia Dream
— Point Me At The Sky C/W Careful With That Axe, Eugene


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